Stony Plain Psychologist

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Stony Plain Psychologist

Going through negative emotions and experiences at some point is a normal part of life. If you’re having a hard time dealing with your emotions or what you’re going through, it’s advisable to seek counseling and therapy from a psychologist.

At Family Life Psychology, we provide help for people fighting depression, anxiety, insecurity, among other mental issues. Our counseling services are for individual adults, teens, and couples. We have a top Stony Plain psychologist who can assist you in exploring your thoughts and behaviors to enable you to address anything holding you back from a happy, meaningful, and healthy life.

Our Psychologist, Expertise, Education, Reputation.

Our Stony Plain counseling services cater to every member of the community around us, from school children to adults. Several of our psychologists have worked in school settings. They’ve also worked in private practice, where they offered support to people dealing with issues such as marriage, life transitions, and anger management.

Having extensive experience in different settings, our therapists deliver unexcelled counseling services. Some have specialized in certain aspects of psychology, ranking them among the finest therapists in Stony Plain.

Here are some of our registered psychologists and what they do:

  • Joel Pukalo

Dr. Joel is one of our co-founders and uses a treatment approach based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. In his sessions, Dr. Joel teaches clients how to process difficult emotions. When a client is able to do this, accepting themselves becomes possible, and they can start healing from their emotional pain.

  • Andrea Pukalo

Another one of our co-founders, Dr. Andrea Pukalo, is a registered psychologist who uses mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy in her individualized therapy. Her aim is to provide a safe place where teens, young adults, and adults can talk openly about their struggles.

Dr. Andrea also specializes in prenatal and perinatal counseling services in Stony Plain, where she supports those struggling with the transition to parenthood. If you’re facing postpartum anxiety or worried about a changing relationship with your partner, you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrea.

  • Jane Kaldas

Dr. Jane Kaldas is a leading psychologist in Stony Plain who can guide you in overcoming the struggles that hold you back in life. Perhaps you struggle with your self-confidence and find it hard to attain your goals. With Dr. Jane, you can discover how to stay grounded, concentrate on your strengths, and find solutions to issues such as perfectionism.

  • Ryan Tonn

Dr. Ryan Tonn has a B.Ed. in Special Education, an M.Ed. in Educational Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Psychological Studies. He’s an experienced child psychologist, having worked across several school districts in Alberta. His areas of interest include learning disabilities, autism disorder, and behavior disorders.

We have more practitioners with us, and all of them are highly qualified to offer counseling in Stony Plain.

Individualized Support for Your Mental Health

At Family Life Psychology, we know that life can become overwhelming for anyone. That is why we provide a range of counseling services to suit everyone in our community. If you need a Stony Plain psychologist, we have the leading psychologists in our team. Contact Family Life Psychology to discover our counseling and assessment services: 780-963-7451.